Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Black and White Golden Green Guy

I commissioned Michael Golden to do this beautiful Hulk drawing for me earlier this year at Wizard World Con L.A. Talk about a piece that would be fun to color! His use of lighting to clearly delineate all the different planes and surfaces on the face is truly phenomenal. Mr. Golden will be making an appearance at Super-Con on May 17th and 18th ( this weekend! ) at the San Jose Convention Center South Hall in beautiful San Jose, California. I will be making the trip up north to check it out as Super-Con seems to be good about getting the best artists as guests. In addition to Mike Golden, a rare appearance by Jordi Bernet!!! Also Adam Hughes, Frank Cho, Travis Charest, Sanjulian, Dan Brereton, Esteban Maroto, Alex Nino, Bill Pressing, Dean Yeagle, Joe Jusko, and many others. Could be worse ways to spend a weekend...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Supergirl in Living Color part 2

Three brave folks took the challenge to color my Supergirl sketch. They are all beautifully done, but what's really surprising is the variety you can get from a single image. My flat lighting doesn't offer a lot of opportunities, but there still is a lot of variety.
Beautiful women can be especially hard to make interesting under these circumstances. My brother Anson's contribution took a softer, airbrushed look, yet with bolder color choices, reinforcing her feminine features. Kevin Levell suggested a low light source with pinpoint highlights. Suggests some sweatiness after a particularly grueling fight! Brian O'Connell offered a more sculptural approach, defining the planes of the face and figure. Also neat was the knocking out of the black line with color.
These are all really beautiful and unique! Thanks to all who participated. Great work!