Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Tales of the New West" by Hernandez/Jew

I've been slowly cleaning out my studio lately.  I've been going through lots of old work that I haven't seen in decades.  I came across this comics page I did in 1988.  I was just finishing up in art school and was soon to embark upon my film career at ILM when I did this. This page was one of a handful I did for "Tales of the New West", a project written by Mario Hernandez of Love and Rockets fame.  I was ( and still am ) a huge fan of all three Hernandez Bros, so I was extremely excited when Mario asked me to help him out on the project.  Unfortunately, with my fulltime school load among other things, I wasn't able to commit my full attention to the project at the time and it never got off the ground.  The story was a quirky, imaginative adventure story and I would have loved to see were it would've gone.