Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Belated Post Con Post

So San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone. Aside from all the cool stuff to see and buy,
I see comic-con as a place to see people I haven't seen or a while, or don't get to see
that often. Below is a picture of me with friends Tim Burgard; Dave Duncan; and Warren Drummond; as well as my fiancee, Deana and my brother Anson.
I also sold copies of my "Striking Works" sketchbook and my new "Art of Crime" mini-comic, which got a nice review here.

There were also a few "celebrity sightings" in and about my Artist Alley table. Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson came by, as well as one of my former college instructors, movie poster artist Drew Struzan. Drew's former college roommate Alex Tavoularis hung out with us a bit. ( Alex was one of the first storyboard artists on the original Star Wars movie ).
Comedian Patton Oswalt wandered by and we grabbed him for a quick picture. We spotted Wesley Snipes around artist alley ( I had a meeting with him about a potential project only a couple of weeks before ) and he came by our table to say hello.

I also had the opportunity to speak on a panel on behalf of the ADG along with a few other film illustrators Robin Richesson and Phil Saunders and members of the costume illustrators union,including Brian Valenzuela and Christian Cordella . The panel was well attended and had between 615 ( 15 minutes in ) to 1000 attendees ( by the end ) The panel was moderated by effects legend Harrison Ellenshaw.

Although I didn't get to wander far from m table this year, there was definitely plenty to buy! The "must get" item for me was Marcos Mateu-Mestre's "Framed Ink". This is a great book on composition that will inspire anyone who does comics or storyboards. Louie Del Carmen
sold out of his Steel Noodles #1 with good reason. It's a beautiful book! Of course I also picked up Adam Hughes new coffee table book on his DC cover art as well as his new sketchbook "Slayboy". I also picked up Battle Milk 2 featuring beautiful color artwork by Wayne Lo and his talented colleagues. When I first met Wayne, he was an intern for the ILM art dept. Now he's a designer on the Clone Wars animated TV series. Also worth looking at was Chris Sander's Sketchbook 4, Michael Golden's Sketchbook 2, and last, but not least, Jamie Baker's color Sephilina book. Great color collection of his
Nauti Girl stories that made an early appearance in the "Babes in Space" anthology. It also has a gallery of Sephilina drawings by different artists, including one by me. Also check out Jamie's con report.