Friday, April 30, 2010

Alternate Visions

In the storyboard biz, you will work on a film for months with a director and try your best to help him/her, visualize their vision of the script. Occasionally, for whatever reason, the show gets shut down, and the film you worked so hard to help visualize goes away forever. Sometimes, you find that the film has come back, albeit with a different director, crew and storyboard artist. It happens all the time in Hollywood, with storyboard artists being among the few who "see" the film as visioned by a different director. This changing of directors has happened on several films I've worked on: Sahara, The Golden Compass ( although the original director returned after his replacement left the show ). Most recently, I worked on The A-Team movie with director John Singleton, who was later replaced by Joe Carnahan. I always wonder what the films would've been like if the original director had stayed aboard.

Below is a sample of boards I did for director Jonathon Mostow ( Terminator 3 ) for a film called Tonight He Comes, which would later be renamed Hancock and was directed by Peter Berg.