Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's almost July....

Sorry. I've almost gone through the entire month of June without posting!

I recently did some artwork for the first ever Kiyama Awards. The award is for the first Asian American ComiCon that will be happening in NY soon. To see the artwork ( which will be engraved on a glass tablet ), and to find out more about Kiyama, the Kiyama Awards, and the Asian American ComiCon, go here or here

I'm currently trying to get a sketchbook out for San Diego Comic-Con. I know I'm cutting it close. The sketchbook will be called Striking Work and will be available at my artist alley table (EE02). Here is one of the images from the book, which I've colored for the blog ( the sketchbook will be black and white ). More info on the sketchbook, and what I will be doing at the convention coming soon!