Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ruff Stuff

Heres a couple of scribbles for a little personal project I've been playing with. Love the old high contrast boxing photos from the 50's. Trying to sort of recapture that look. Though these are just roughs, I think they are successful in capturing the feel I'm looking for. As usual, the struggle will be to make the finished pages as vital and energetic as these roughs. I'm a big boxing fan and film noir fan and this project will combine those two loves. I'm going to keep quiet on this project for now, but I hope you enjoy the sketches...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fanny Wins!

Fanny McRollo was the top vote-getter at the Fist-A-Cuff Arena-Girl Challenge! Thanks to all who voted for her! There is a new illustration of Fanny ( in the official FACA swimsuit! ) at the fist-a-cuffs site.

Also did a quick sketch of Fanny in celebration of her win ( she looks like she's copping a bit of a Hollywood attitude-- )

Been trying to loosen up my drawings a bit. I often have a tendency to overwork a drawing and lose the spontaneity. Though my drawings tend to get a bit stiff at times, I also feel a need to rework stuff so everything is in the right place. The need for accuracy, and the need for spontaneity are always at war. Something I need to work on--somehow bringing the two together in harmony.

This series of drawings shows the loose initial sketch progressing to the eventual tighter one.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fist-A-Cuffs: Last Chance to Vote for Fanny!

It's your last to chance to vote in the "Fist-a-cuff" ring card girl competition! Just click on the link on the right ( you need to have a blog profile to vote ). I believe the voting ends when the actual FACA fighting competition starts on the 5th. So here is my last plea to vote for "Fanny McRollo" before the competition is over.

Below I'm listing my top 17. My criteria was being a poised and well drawn beauty. I tended away from the over the top creature stuff, as I see that as more of the domain of the actual FACA competition, but didn't exclude them. It was pretty tough to come up with this list as there was a lot of good material to work with. You will find my final top ten on the "Fist-A-Cuff" site.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

1. Athena, Queen of the Arena-Kagan McLeod
2. Barbary Ann-Andy Ristaino
3. Connie Tiki-Guy Davis
4. Hoopnotica-Bobby Pontillas
5. Jane Smith-John Hoffman
6. Jenna Toejam-Paul Adam
7. Lady Plush Blush-Nathan Fox
8. Layzie Slawth-Ted Mathot
9. Love Ginger-Flaviano
10. Miss Elizabeth Provensen-Javier Olivares
11. Miss Tria-Dale Hayward
12. Oh Canada!-Joe Quinones
13. Priya Priddy-Cal Wong
14. Purple Hildred-Ethan Spaulding
15. Queen Melee's Ghost-?
16. Satansa-David Rubin
17. Wartina-Kristen McCabe