Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Has 30 years made any difference?

So as I mentioned in a previous posting, I was going to redo the Tarzan drawing I did when I was a teenager in 1979. I redid it under similar "battleground conditions" as I had done it in 1979. I had no pencil sharpener, no eraser, no rulers or templates, no computer or internet, no reference ( except a printout of the '79 drawing ), and only an hour to do it in ( I did the original drawing in a junior high school art class ). I kind of went into this thinking I would blow my old drawing away, but surprisingly, it wasn't that easy. I had a hard time drawing the tiger completely out of my head ( Yes, I know there are no tigers in Africa. Didn't know that back then!) How did I ever survive without Google Images! The main difference I see is that I work a little more methodically now. A little neater and less careless. It was an interesting experiment. I may try it again soon, only allowing myself the luxury of my pro equipment and reference etc. Otherwise, I'll try this again in 2039!